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I recommend these games for IOS

1. Smurfs Village

2. Dragon City Mobile

3. Snoopy Coaster

4. Minecraft

5. Spell Craft

6. Temple Run 2

7. Catch the Ark

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Valentines day

Happy valentines!!

Temple Run Glitch!!!!!

Earn the achievement. Well i noticed some of you guys didnt get the glitch in game center.
1. Turn on tutorial
2. Tutorial tells you to swipe to the right double swipe
Youve got the achievement!

Merry Christmas Guys!

Merry Christmas guys! Sorry for not posting on November. But Merry Christmas to all!

The Testimony of Catalina Part 4

4) When I arrived to Church the next day, a little bit late, His Excellency, the Archbishop and the priests were already coming out of the sacristy. With that gentle and feminine voice that sweetens one’s soul, the Virgin Mary said:

The Testimony of Catalina Part 2-3

2) This is the testimony that I must and want to give to the whole world, for the greater Glory of God and for the salvation of all those who want to open their hearts to Him. It is given so that many souls who are consecrated to God may rekindle the fire of their love for Christ; those who own the hands that have the power to bring Christ to earth to be our nourishment [the priestly souls]; and the others [the religious souls] that they may break loose of the habit of receiving Him as a “routine practice” and relive the amazement of the everyday encounter with Love. And it is given so that my lay brothers and sisters the world over may live the greatest of Miracles, the celebration of the Holy Eucharist with their hearts.

3) It was the vigil of the Annunciation and the members of the group and I had gone to the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Some of the ladies of the prayer group were not able to do it then, and they left their Confession for the next day before Holy Mass.

The Testimony of Catalina Part 1

1) In a marvelous catechesis, the Lord and the Virgin Mary have been instructing us, in the first place, about the way to pray the Holy Rosary, to pray with our hearts, meditating and enjoying the moments of our encounter with God and our Blessed Mother. They have also taught us the way to make a good Confession, and [in this testimony] they have shown us what takes place during the celebration of the Holy Mass and the way to live it with our hearts.

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